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$40 for a Computer WOF (value $100)

Value $100 Discount 60% You save $60
This deal ended 4 years ago

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  • $40 for a Computer WOF (value $100)
  • $40 for a Computer WOF (value $100)
  • $40 for a Computer WOF (value $100)
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  • Make your computer faster, easier and safer to use.
  • Grab a computer WOF from muzz IT for only $40. 
  • With over 12 years of experience, these chaps make sure your computer is running like you want it to.
  • Your computer will be picked up, serviced and dropped off, all in two to three days. 

If your car took an eternity to start, didn't respond when you tried to steer where you wanted to go, and constantly crashed, you'd probably think about getting it fixed. Grab a computer WOF at muzz IT for just $40.

Hand your under-performing computer over to the team at muzz IT for two or three days and they'll get to work removing all that nasty unwanted software that slows your machine down, and makes browsing the internet a security risk and a popup-laden pain in the mouse. They will free up all the unused memory and physically clean the machine itself. And they will make sure that you are running with all the latest software and security updates. Let them take a look under the hood and get your computer running like you want it to.

Your computer WOF will include:

  • Virus check.
  • Removal of Malware and Spyware.
  • Removal of unnecessary temporary files.
  • Removal of unwanted software.
  • Disk clean up and defragmentation memory test.
  • Registry clean up.
  • Optimization of Windows start up.
  • Windows updates.
  • Driver updates.
  • Physical clean of dust from the computer case (desktop computers only).

Kamo Road


022 311 0180

Business in trade

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9.00am - 8.00pm
Saturday 10.00am - 2.00pm


Valid from Jan 19, 2013
Expires Mar 19, 2013
Limit: 5 for you and 5 gifts for others
Bookings Essential. Subject to availability. Collection and drop off is included for Whangarei and suburbs. Outside of these areas will incur additional charges please see website. You can expect to receive your computer after approx 2-3 days. No refunds, no cash back. Not to be used with other offers.
See the rules that apply to all deals

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