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$27 for an European Pedicure (value $50)

Value $50 Discount 46% You save $23
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  • $27 for an European Pedicure (value $50)
  • $27 for an European Pedicure (value $50)
  • $27 for an European Pedicure (value $50)
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  • Make your way down to Fabulous Healing & Footcare and treat your feet to something special.
  • Grab an European Pedicure for $27 from Fabulous Healing and Footcare
  • Let the expert tend to your weary feet today, it's long overdue!
  • Also for men. 

We run for the bus, run to the house, run to work, run to our mates, run for dinner, run to the shop, run, run, run. I feel like I only have two functions sometimes, typing and running. I'm either sitting at my desk letting my fingers do a little dance on the keyboard, or I'm giving my legs a workout running to the next thing in my diary. I wish time would stop, just for an hour. This morning the old feet had to hit the ground running (again) as I slept straight through my alarm. I slipped on my most supportive footwear (not) and away I went, just for a change. 

Is it time we paid some attention to those oddly shaped things that stick out the bottom of our legs? As we run for gold 20 times a day, it's our poor little feet that take the toll. Give your feet a little treat and grab this deal today. Grab an European Pedicure for $27 at Fabulous Healing and Footcare.

With over 20 years' experience Leny at Fabulous Healing and Footcare is well qualified to give your feet some special treatment. Fabulous Healing and Footcare will start with freshening your feet, trimming, shaping and buffing the toenails together with cuticle care. Then they will attend to your callouses, corns and will treat your cracked heels. They will also work on ingrowing, painful, thickened or ridged toenails. They will then apply a nail polish for women or essential oils or a tincture (what your nails need). The finishing touch will be a moisturing massage of the feet and lower legs using superior products. 

Fabulous Healing & Footcare

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Valid from Dec 8, 2012
Expires Feb 4, 2013
Limit: 1 for you and 1 gift for another
Bookings essential. 24 hour cancellation policy applies or coupon will be void. Voucher valid for clinic appointments only.
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