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$95 for a Human-Sized Scarecrow incl. Nelson Delivery (value $195)

Value $195 Discount 51% You save $100
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  • $95 for a Human-Sized Scarecrow incl. Nelson Delivery (value $195)
  • $95 for a Human-Sized Scarecrow incl. Nelson Delivery (value $195)
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  • Get those pesky birds out of the garden. 
  • Grab a human-sized original scarecrow for your garden, choose from male or female, for only $95. 
  • Locally handmade and carefully constructed, no scarecrow is the same.

You could dress up in some smart-casual attire, then stand in the middle of your garden slowly swaying to the wind and making scarecrow noises. Or you could get one of these crafty creations. Grab a human-sized scarecrow for your garden. Choose from male or female, for only $95.

Right about now, the local birdlife has probably decided to make your garden it's cafeteria, nibbling on any fruit in sight. By simply installing a scarecrow, you can give them enough of a fright to take flight. Each scarecrow from Elizabeth at 210 is carefully constructed by hand making each one unique. Add a bit of personality to your garden and let your scarecrow take care of business. Or if you're on the look-out for a gift for Christmas, then snap up one of these original designs—perfect for the garden loving individual. 

Elizabeth at 210 - Nelson

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210 Saint Vincent Street 

(03) 545 6114

Business in trade


Valid from Feb 23, 2013
Expires Mar 18, 2013
Limit: 2 for you and 2 gifts for others
Call to order. Allow 7 days for delivery. Delivery included between Atawhai - Brightwater only. No refunds, no cash backs, not to be used with any other offer.
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