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$33 for a Life Straw


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  • $33 for a Life Straw
  • $33 for a Life Straw
  • $33 for a Life Straw
  • $33 for a Life Straw
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  • Even when the freshwater is less than fresh, you'll have water to drink.
  • Grab a Lifestraw today for $33 from Farza Wholesale.
  • Drink from creeks, streams, dams and even puddles.
  • Filter at least 1000 litres of water when and where you need it.
  • Urban and rural delivery options available.

Every so often a product comes along that is properly world-changing and life-saving. Assuming you need to drink water to survive, at some point you might just need a lifestraw. So best make sure you have one handy. Grab a Lifestraw today for $33 from Farza Wholesale.

LifeStraw is a high quality water filter that means you can drink from virtually any source of water – such as creeks, streams and dams. You can even drink from a puddle. LifeStraw is perfect for any who work or play outdoors or for travellers to locations where the water quality is suspect. Or for those emergency situations where drinking water is contaminated or not available.


  • LifeStraw filters 1000 litres – that is the equivalent of a whole pallet of bottled water, without the issues with delivery, cost, or pollution from discarded bottles.
  • LifeStraws keep indefinitely in a backpack or home till needed – no shelf life
  • LifeStraw filters to .2 micron and removes dirt and biologicals – i.e. bacteria, protozoans (including Giardia common in NZ waterways) parasites, etc
  • At 2 litres a day a LifeStraw will last about 18 months – for a child it would be 3 years.
  • Maintenance is minimal – just blow back through the LifeStraw to clear the filte
  • LifeStraws can last beyond the 1000 litres if cared for.


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URBAN: Pay $4 extra per unit for delivery. RURAL: Pay $8 for delivery of the first item $4 for each subsequent purchase. Enter address when purchasing. Excl. PO Box addresses. No refunds, no cash back, not to be used with any other offers.
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