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Dental White

$59 for a Professional In-Home Teeth Whitening Kit incl. Delivery (value $199)


Delivered within: 14 days

Value $199 Discount 70% You save $140
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  • $59 for a Professional In-Home Teeth Whitening Kit incl. Delivery (value $199)
  • $59 for a Professional In-Home Teeth Whitening Kit incl. Delivery (value $199)
  • $59 for a Professional In-Home Teeth Whitening Kit incl. Delivery (value $199)
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  • Don't let your pearly whites become a yellowy sight.
  • Get a professional in-home teeth whitening kit from Dental White for just $59, including delivery.
  • Whiten your teeth without increased sensitivity.
  • Restore the brilliant white smile you had before coffee and red wine came into your life.

Your teeth, like brides on their wedding day or the late King of Pop, love looking their whitest. If you want to feel even better about that man - or woman - in the mirror, check out today's deal. 

Stop your pearly whites from becoming a yellowy sight and get a professional in-home tooth whitening kit from Dental White for just $59, including delivery. 

Pola Night tooth whitening is an affordable and convenient, clinically proven teeth whitening solution offering excellent results for creating the perfect white smile – a preferred treatment used by dentists world-wide. Even better, Pola Night does not cause the degree of sensitivity some patients face with other bleaching methods due to the added desensitising agent which acts on nerve endings, and desensitises them at the pulp-dentin border, in turn minimising sensitivity and maximising patient comfort. Pola Night may decrease tooth discoloration caused by genetics, lifestyle, teeth trauma, aging and some medications.

How does it work? The active ingredient in Pola Night, 16% carbamide peroxide, is recognized by the FDA as an excellent tooth whitening product, and is an effective oral antiseptic. A little extra attention to oral care at home can help to keep your pearly whites gleaming. To avoid sensitivity while using bleaching trays, brush your teeth with Sensodyne or similar toothpaste. After bleaching, rinse with an oxygenating oral rinse rather than an alcohol-based mouthwash that might reduce the effect of the bleach. Floss regularly to prevent or reduce tooth decay and reduce intake of wine, coffee and  tea.

Dental White

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Supply delivery address when purchasing. Allow 14 days for delivery. Individual results may vary. Additional treatments may be required for desired results. Not valid for pregnant or lactating women. No refunds or cash back. Not for use with any other offers.
See the rules that apply to all deals Delivery Timeframe: 14 days

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