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$14 for 9-Piece Whisky Ice Stones Set


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  • $14 for 9-Piece Whisky Ice Stones Set
  • $14 for 9-Piece Whisky Ice Stones Set
  • $14 for 9-Piece Whisky Ice Stones Set
  • $14 for 9-Piece Whisky Ice Stones Set
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  • Keep the Whiskey strong! 
  • Grab a 9-piece of Whiskey Stones for only $14 today.
  • Natural granite. 
  • Includes eight stones with a carry pouch. 
  • Scotch, quite literally on the rocks.

The true test of a man is in his whiskey. Sure, you can drink Canadian Club straight, but it's not advised. You need at least a triple wood 10 year old brew, that tastes like the inside of a burning building, and feels as smooth as your best pick up line; that is what whiskey is.

Don't be inconsiderate to this fine drop by diluting it down, keep it strong and cold with these Whiskey Stones for only $14 today. The set comes with eight natural granite stones and a handy carry pouch.

Run the stones under water, place in the freezer for four hours then use in place of ice in your whiskey. Feel the true taste without any extra flavours or smell.


  • Material: Natural granite 
  • Dimensions per stone: 2 x 2 x 2 cm 
  • Weight per stone: 22g 
  • Do not react with liquid and don't add flavours or smell 
  • Keep your whiskey strong 
  • Wash under hot water 
  • Granite is long and tough wearing 

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