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$59 for Jacqueline Wilson Box Set of 10 Books (value $199)


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  • $59 for Jacqueline Wilson Box Set of 10 Books (value $199)
  • $59 for Jacqueline Wilson Box Set of 10 Books (value $199)
  • $59 for Jacqueline Wilson Box Set of 10 Books (value $199)
  • $59 for Jacqueline Wilson Box Set of 10 Books (value $199)
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  • 10 books from acclaimed author, Jacqueline Wilson. 
  • Grab a Jacqueline Wilson Box Set of 10 Books for only $59 today. 
  • Beautifully packaged box set. 
  • Lovely gift for any age!
  • Includes: The Story of Tracy Beaker, Bad Girls, The Dare Game, The Lottie Project, Cliffhanger, The Illustrated Mum, The Bed and Breakfast Star, Buried Alive, Double Act, The Suitcase Kid. 

Dame Jacqueline Wilson is an English writer known for her large and diverse work in Children's literature. Her books are classics, with 'The Tale of Tracy Beaker' being made into various television adaptations. Her novels deal with challenging themes such as divorce, adoption and mental illness, which have gained her many awards over the years, including the British Book Award in 2000 and 2003.

Today you can grab a beautiful box set of her works, with 10 paperback books, including 'Bad Girls' and 'Double Act'. The perfect gift for your young one, or even your not-so-young one who grew up with Jacqueline over the years.


  • 10 books: The story of Tracy Beaker, Bad Girls, The Dare Game, The Lottie Project, Cliffhanger, The Illustrated Mum, The Bed and Breakfast Star, Buried Alive, Double Act, The Suitcase Kid. 
  • Paperback. 
  • Boxed dimensions: Length 12.5 cm, Height 20.5 cm, Depth 13.5. 
  • By acclaimed children's author, Jacqueline Wilson.

Book Descriptions: 

The Suitcase Kid
10 year old Andy's parents have recently divorced and are remarrying. She doesn't like the other parents and their children, feeling very alone and upset; her grades go down in school also. She seeks comfort in her pet Rabbit and goes on a wild goose chase to find her when she accidentally drops her. Her parents are worried sick.

Double Act
Focused around identical twins, Ruby and Garnet. They live with their father and grandmother since their mum passed away. As their father moves on and forms a new relationship, the girls move away to the country and don't like it. They want to audition for a show in the city and battle between the disapproval of the father, and the encouragement of his partner.

Buried Alive
Tim's quiet holiday in Wales is disrupted with two bullies who cause havoc, making it "Truly Terribly Adventurous". He encounters struggle when his bestfriend Biscuits is introduced to Tim's energetic friend, Kelly.

The Bed and Breakfast Star
Elsa is going to be a big star one day, spending her current days telling jokes and entertaining her family. They aren't laughing as much, since they lost their house and have had to move to a bed and breakfast hotel.

The Illustrated Mum
Dolphin adores her mother, Marigold's style. She wears bright wonderful clothes, has big bright hair, and vivid tattoos all over her body; a style to match her colourful life. But Dolphin's older sister, Star, is beginning to question if living with their mum (and her unpredictable moods) is best for the both of them.

Tim is hopeless at sport, and yet he has a weekend full of adventures and testing stamina. From climbing to absailing to canoeing and a Crazy Bucket Race. Can his team - The Tigers - win the overall game and be the champions?

The Lottie Project
Charlie's new teacher is not what she's used to, and assigns her with a project on the Victorian Era. But Charlie's active imaginiation leads her to great research and amazing discoveries, including information on Lottie, a nursemaid from the Victorian Era with an interesting past.

The Dare Game
Tracy Beaker has bought a big fat purple notebook for writing down her ultra-scary stories, including the ones about her meanie foster-mum who won't buy designer clothes and lives in a small flat. She's waiting for her real-mum to come back, but until then, no-one can be better at the Dare Game than her.

Bad Girls
Mandy has been picked on at school for years, so when Tanya comes around and befriends her, she is so happy. Her mum isn't too sure though, getting the feeling that Tanya is a 'bad girl' and a bad influence. Is she though?

The Story of Tracy Beaker
All told in Tracy's words, this book focuses on her creative and vibrant world in a Children's Home. Often funny, this book is also touching and beautifully observed. As she says "It's the most incredible dynamic heart-rending story".


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