From $19 for SpiceCraft Herbs & Spices, Rock Seasonings & BBQ Rubs


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  • From $19 for SpiceCraft Herbs & Spices, Rock Seasonings & BBQ Rubs
  • From $19 for SpiceCraft Herbs & Spices, Rock Seasonings & BBQ Rubs
  • From $19 for SpiceCraft Herbs & Spices, Rock Seasonings & BBQ Rubs
  • From $19 for SpiceCraft Herbs & Spices, Rock Seasonings & BBQ Rubs
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  • Seasonings greetings to one and all.
  • Grab something to spice up BBQ season (and beyond today from just $19.
  • Get the ultimate gift pack containing the entire range for just $84.

These unique seasonings and premium quality herb and spice packs are ideal gifts for the foodie in the family. Naturally tasty – no bad stuff, gluten free and dairy free. Hand-crafted here in NZ by the small team at Spicecraft. Grab something to spice up BBQ season (and beyond) today from just $19:

Pay $19 for a set of four SpiceCraft Rock Seasonings: Original, lamb, beef and chicken. Each 60 gm Rock seasoning comes in its own grinder, ready to use as a table seasoning, meat seasoning or to add extra oomph to your favourite foods. 

Pay $25 for a Herb and Spice Gift pack: 24 packs of premium herbs and spices - Top quality, super-fresh - All your favourites and more packed up in a handy gift bag.

Pay $40 for the set of four SpiceCraft BBQ Rubs: A whole Kilo of hand crafted BBQ Rubs, 250gm Jerk, 250gm Moroccan, 250gm Cajun, 250gm Kiwi. Rubs are the new marinade. The flavours are intense, and the dry rub ensures a crisp and tasty crust on your meats. If you are yet to join the revolution of cooking with BBQ rubs then now's your chance to give it a crack.

Pay $84 for The Ultimate Deal contains all the above for months, if not years, of better tasting BBQs and everyday cooking!


SpiceCraft Rock Seasonings: Original Rocks are particularly good with eggs, salads or as a table seasoning. Chicken Rocks for in the pan, on the BBQ, whole roasted, or spicy wings, a tasty blend with a bit of a zing that will be sure to blow you away. Lamb Rocks are a real treat on BBQ chops - even when they are cooked in the oven. And Beef Rocks are just what your steak has been looking for, a wholesome blend of smoked natural sea salt, gourmet peppers and rosemary. 

Herb and Spice Gift pack: 15 gm Italian Herbs, 15 gm Oregano, 15 gm Rosemary, 15 gm Sweet basil, 15 gm Thyme, 50 gm Rock salt, 30 gm Cayenne Pepper, 25 gm Cracked pepper, 30 gm Five spice, 30 gm Ginger, 20 gm Ground allspice, 30 gm Ground cinnamon, 30 gm Ground coriander, 30 gm Ground cumin, 30 gm Ground turmeric, 30 gm Ground yellow mustard, 30 gm Mixed spice, 30 gm Smoked paprika, 30 gm Sweet paprika, 30 gm Coriander Seeds, 30 gm Cumin Seeds, 10 gm Gourmet mixed peppercorns, 30 gm Sesame seeds, 30 gm Black sesame seeds.

Set of 4 SpiceCraft BBQ Rubs: Kiwi Rub is a true legend in the kitchen and a great general purpose rub. Not hot but with enough of a bite to let you know that its there. Jerk Rub offers an exciting taste of the Caribbean, will transform a pork roast like nothing else in this world. The Cajun Rub is hot enough to know that its Cajun, but not so hot that its ridiculous! A winner for blackened salmon, hot wings, pork ribs. The Moroccan Rub is a little exotic, and adds a touch of spice with just enough heat. A great intro to BBQ rubs, very forgiving, very flexible and full of flavour.


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