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$45 for a One-Hour NLP Life Coaching Session & $35 Voucher (value $95)

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  • $45 for a One-Hour NLP Life Coaching Session & $35 Voucher (value $95)
  • $45 for a One-Hour NLP Life Coaching Session & $35 Voucher (value $95)
  • $45 for a One-Hour NLP Life Coaching Session & $35 Voucher (value $95)
  • $45 for a One-Hour NLP Life Coaching Session & $35 Voucher (value $95)
  • $45 for a One-Hour NLP Life Coaching Session & $35 Voucher (value $95)
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  • Exercise your mind to achieve your goals and get on your way to a healthier, fuller life.
  • Grab a one-hour NLP Life Coaching Session and a $35 voucher towards your next session at Wealth of Mind for $45.
  • Discover techniques for overcoming problems and moving forward in your life through personal one-on-one sessions.
  • Work on achieving the success you want in your personal life, career, health and relationships.
  • Help to achieve results for weight loss, trauma, phobias, anxiety, stress, motivation, self-belief, confidence, smoking, sleeping issues and more.

There is no gym machine for your brain, nor is there a cranium-yoga class or a mind massage therapist. To exercise your brain and your mind to get the results you want, you need to get inventive. You need to grab this deal.

Grab a one-hour NLP Life Coaching Session at Wealth of Mind for $45. With this, you'll also receive a $35 voucher to use towards your next session.

We all have times when we need a helping hand in our personal life, career, health or relationships. Robyn Woodham of Wealth of Mind can help. She has a BA (Hons) in Psychology, is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and uses NLP in her one-on-one personal coaching sessions. 

Neuro relates to the brain and how you absorb information through your senses. Linguistics is the way we use language. Programming is about our habits of thought, feelings and actions.  Together, that means NLP is about the mind's habits, it's routines and the language it uses — and working to change these for the better. NLP is focused on finding solutions and can produce quick and effective results. You may even be surprised to find that deeply rooted or complicated problems can be resolved. Robyn's sessions do not just involve talking about the problem, they involve doing something about it.

Everyone is different and everyone's issues are unique. You may feel one session is enough, though three or four are typical. Sessions are focused on solutions and do not ordinarily require you to continually keep coming  - although many people see the ongoing benefits and choose to do so.

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Valid from Jan 3, 2013
Expires Mar 31, 2013
Limit: 1 for you and 1 gift for another
Bookings essential. Subject to availability. Appointment must be booked before expiry date. $35 voucher is valid for future appointment only. 24hr cancel policy. No refunds, no cash back, not to be used with other offers.
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