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$73 for a Vinegar, Garlic Sauce, Coarse Salt & Dukkah Gift Pack (value $103)


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  • $73 for a Vinegar, Garlic Sauce, Coarse Salt & Dukkah Gift Pack (value $103)
  • $73 for a Vinegar, Garlic Sauce, Coarse Salt & Dukkah Gift Pack (value $103)
  • $73 for a Vinegar, Garlic Sauce, Coarse Salt & Dukkah Gift Pack (value $103)
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  • Unleash the culinary prodigy in you.
  • Grab a Prenzel gift pack, which includes six flavourful ingredients, for only $73.
  • Complement your dishes with rich, natural flavours.

You get people who paint houses, and you get masterful artists. You get people who write in their diaries, and you get prize-winning novelists who sell millions of paperbacks. And, finally, you get people who cook, and then you get culinary artists who use Prenzel gift packs to make their meals.   

Unleash the cooking prodigy in you by paying just $73 for a Prenzel gift pack, which includes: 

Ma Prenzel's lemon honey ginger (500ml):

By combining three of Mother Nature's healthiest ingredients, this drink, when diluted with water, is the perfect solution to those seasonal sniffles.   

Ma Prenzel's smoked garlic vinegar sauce (250ml):

This delicious dark sauce is made in Marlborough using locally grown garlic and naturally brewed malt vinegar, with a blend of high quality ingredients. It complements many meat dishes as a sauce or a marinade and is a great flavour boost for casseroles and soups.

Ma Penzel's avocado premium vinaigrette (250ml):

Based on French recipe that's already three generations old, this vinaigrette has been modified with the addition of the cold-pressed oil of New Zealand-grown avocados - proving that even perfection can be improved upon.   

Ma Prenzel's raspberry vinegar (250ml):

Infused with the sweetness of raspberries and the sharpness of Cabernet Sauvignon, this vinegar creates a culinary sensation that would be difficult to find elsewhere. From a simple salad dressing to marinades and sauces, Prenzel Raspberry Vinegar will add sophistication to any dish.

Dukkah (gluten free)

Use as a dip in combination with your favourite Prenzel infused oil to create unique and diverse flavours. Substitute breadcrumbs with Dukkah to coat your chicken or lamb, add to kebabs, sprinkle on salads or roast vegetables to add extra flavour. 

Ma Prenzel's Manuka smoked coarse salt (220g):

Enhance the flavour of any dish by grinding this coarse natural sea salt over it. 

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