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$78 Leak Detection Service Using Thermal Imaging (value $285)

Value $285 Discount 72% You save $207
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  • $78 Leak Detection Service Using Thermal Imaging (value $285)
  • $78 Leak Detection Service Using Thermal Imaging (value $285)
  • $78 Leak Detection Service Using Thermal Imaging (value $285)
  • $78 Leak Detection Service Using Thermal Imaging (value $285)
  • $78 Leak Detection Service Using Thermal Imaging (value $285)
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  • The biggest investment in most people's lives is their home.
  • Grab a leak detection service using thermal imaging from Getdone Plumbing for only $78.
  • The country is spending billions of dollars on water damaged homes due to the leaky home crisis. 
  • We provide a non-invasive service to find water damage and leaks in homes both internally and externally.
  • Put your trust in team that has over 36 years of experience in the plumbing, building and engineering industries.

Your house is your castle, don't let it leak! The sooner the problem is found, the cheaper the repair cost.

Pay $78 for a leak detection service using thermal imaging from Getdone Plumbing and prevent unnecessary repairs caused by moisture intrusion.

Ideal for people who have:

  • Tiled showers or bathrooms 
  • Texture plastered houses 
  • Cold or damp feeling house 
  • Damp or musty smell in their house 
  • Mold appearing 
  • A power and gas bill that just seems too high 
  • Upcoming building projects or wondering if you have insulation in your house 
  • Or anyone who is worried they have a leak in their home

Despite the widespread nature of the Leaky Home Syndrome, the signs and symptoms of moisture intrusion aren't always obvious. In fact, some unlucky souls don't even realise they have a problem until their ceiling caves in around their ears. Prevent unnecessary repairs with an Infrared scan from Leakspy.

As kiwi's we adopt the 'She'll be right' approach and don't tend to worry about that cold, damp feeling, damp or musty smell or even that mold in the corner. All of these are a result of moisture. Mold especially can be very hazardous to our health!

Insulation can be issue in many Kiwis' homes, a lot of older houses have none or it is so old or incorrectly installed deeming it useless. Order a scan from Leakspy today which will highlight missing or damaged insulation without putting holes in your walls. We will highlight the areas in your home that need to be addressed so you can get the maximum benefit from your chosen heat
source - and save money in the process.

Energy consumption is something that most of us don't think about, we just scratch our head when we look at the power and gas bills and wonder why they are so high. With our technology, as well as finding missing insulation, we can show you where air leaks are present and where your heating is getting lost which can greatly improve heating efficiency and also cut down that monthly power and gas bill.

Servicing greater Christchurch area.

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Valid from Jan 25, 2013
Expires Apr 27, 2013
Limit: 1 for you and 1 gift for another
Booking essential. Subject to availability. Only valid for one hour of work. Valid for up to three rooms. You will be provided with an emailed copy of any problems in the house. No refunds. No cashbacks. Not to be used with any other offers.
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