Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury

$20 for One-Month Membership (value $40)

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  • $20 for One-Month Membership (value $40)
  • $20 for One-Month Membership (value $40)
  • $20 for One-Month Membership (value $40)
  • $20 for One-Month Membership (value $40)
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  • Aikido is an effective form of self-defence and a great way of keeping in shape.
  • Grab a one-month membership at Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury for just $20!
  • There are two Dojos to choose from, Linwood and Burnside.
  • Train with qualified instructors - they love what they do - odds are you'll love it too!

You've watched a lot of Hollywood blockbusters... you've seen epic fight scenes and a whole range of cool punches and damaging kicks. You've even imagined what it'd be like if you had moves that mean. The truth is - it works well on a film set, not so much in real life - winning by severely hurting someone else? That doesn't feel good.

That's where Aikido comes in -  it gives you a way to avoid harm without inflicting permanent injury on your aggressor. Today you can grab yourself a full month membership with Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury for just $20. At that price this deal wont inflict any damage on your bank balance either.

If you've even seen Aikido performed in real life - you'll know just how cool it is. The name Aikido means "the way of spiritual harmony" - it's different from other Japanese martial arts in the sense that it controls the attacker by utilizing their oncoming force. You don't have to the biggest, or the toughest - this will teach you to how to get around size and brute force. It's not a sport or a competition, this is more about finding your balance than your inner Vin Diesel.

Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury has two different Dojos and you can drop in to either one with your one-month membership. There are a variety of sessions and you can check out the timetables for the Burnside Dojo and the Linwood Dojo online. The instructors are highly qualified and there's plenty of room to progress through the stages if you plan on sticking with Aikido for a while.

Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury

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Corner of Morley Avenue & Clyde Road 
Cowles Stadium
Pages Road

(03) 3834843

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Valid from Jan 20, 2013
Expires Apr 11, 2013
Limit: 2 for you and 4 gifts for others
Bookings essential. Subject to availability. New members only. Adults only - 14 years +. Membership must be started before coupon expiry. No refunds, no cash back, not to be used with other offers.
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