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Today's deal: $129 for a Hot Water Beach & Coromandel Peninsula One-Day Tour or $249 for a Hobbiton Movie Set & Hamilton Gardens One-Day Tour


Joyce Tse commented 6 days ago. Is there a charge for a baby (under 1 year old)? And is a preschooler an adult price?

Also what is the itinerary? I'm trying to determine if it's suitable for my young family too when my relatives are visiting.
Emma from GrabOne commented 5 days ago. Hey Joyce!
The merchant will be online soon to help you with this :)
Mia Sefaj commented 4 days ago. What is age for child tickets! ?
Emma from GrabOne commented 4 days ago. Hey Mia!
Just checking this out for you now :)
Joyce Tse commented 3 days ago. Hi, i'm still waiting for a reply to my questions.
Kevin from New Zealand Grand Tours Ltd commented 3 days ago. Hi There,

Joyse Tse, There is no charge for baby under 24 months old and they need to be sit on the mother's lap during travel.

Mia, for baby older than 24 months old, they will need to occupy a seat and the ticket price will be the same as reflection of one seat.


Team at New Zealand Grand Tours Limited

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