Mount Gabriel Christmas Trees

From $9 to Select & Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

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  • From $9 to Select & Cut Your Own Christmas Tree
  • From $9 to Select & Cut Your Own Christmas Tree
  • From $9 to Select & Cut Your Own Christmas Tree
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  • Take judgement into your hands and select only the best tree for your home.
  • Grab a freshly selected tree from only $9.
  • Pick from three different heights - five to six foot, six to seven foot or seven to eight foot.
  • Return your tree to the farm to be recycled after you've had your fun with it. 

It's not often while choosing which one to take home with you, one can point and loudly express, "too fat, too tall, looks hollow, flat on one side". With something as important as the centre piece of your holiday, it's necessary to be this selective. Now go forth and find the perfect tree to take home.

Grab (or should we say chop down) your own Christmas from just $9. Pick from the following options:

  • $9 to select and cut down a five to six foot tree 
  • $12 to select and cut down a six to seven foot tree
  • $15 to select and cut down a seven to eight foot tree
Picking up a pre-cut Christmas tree off the highway often ends in disappointment. Often the branches have been disfigured in such a manner that your tree resembles something that's more likely to scare the children than excite them.  That's why they do things differently at Mount Gabriel Christmas Tree Farms. Rather than hauling a tree home that's already seen better days,  the friendly staff will give you the assistance you require to select and chop down your own tree. And the experience doesn't end there. At the end of the season you'll be able to return your tree to the farm to be recycled.  


Mount Gabriel Christmas Trees

201 Sutton Road

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Valid from Dec 15, 2012
Expires Jan 5, 2013
Monterey pine trees only. Subject to availability. No refunds, no cash back, not available with other offers.
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