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Today's deal: $41 for Three-Piece LED Flameless Candles Set with Melted Wax Trim incl. Nationwide Delivery


Terry Grainger commented over 4 years ago. Hi, are these really unscented ? I know you say unsecented, but I bought a set from the home show and they were scented with vanilla ? Thnaks
Hayley Ugavule commented over 4 years ago. Hi Terry,
Thanks for your question. These candles are unscented. Cheers
Katrina Tito commented over 4 years ago. I believe you can rub oil on the outside of the candle as that was what the girls advised at the home show if you wanted to change the scent. This looks to be a great bargain, wish I hadn't maxed out my credit card.
Elizabeth Burke commented over 4 years ago. Hi Karina,

Thanks for that!

Keep your eye out for the next deal :)
Lynley Roiall commented over 4 years ago. Are these the lovely ones that were at the home show this month

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