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$50 for a $100 Garden Nursery Voucher (value $100)

Value $100 Discount 50% You save $50
This deal ended 5 years ago

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  • $50 for a $100 Garden Nursery Voucher (value $100)
  • $50 for a $100 Garden Nursery Voucher (value $100)
  • $50 for a $100 Garden Nursery Voucher (value $100)
  • $50 for a $100 Garden Nursery Voucher (value $100)
  • $50 for a $100 Garden Nursery Voucher (value $100)
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  • Grow your appetite for an edible garden.
  • Grab a $100 voucher to spend on anything in the Edible Gardens and Plantetearth nurseries for just $50.
  • Become more self-sufficient, save money and avoid nasty chemicals and additives.
  • Transform your garden from a wilderness to a manicured entertainment area.
  • Fill your table with freshly grown produce straight from the garden.

There's a reason Peter Rabbit snuck into Mr. McGregor's garden to eat all his fresh, wholesome produce - he was fed up with his mother serving him packaged, over-processed garbage from the supermarket. Low on taste and high on additives, the bunny just wanted more crunch for his munch. 

There's nothing better than preparing a fresh meal with produce from your own garden, and we're all aware of the dangers of unknown chemicals lingering in our food. Do as Peter did and invest in your health with a visit to Edible Gardens. Grab a $100 voucher to spend on anything from the Edible Gardens and Plantetearth nurseries and pay just $50 for the lot.

Follow in the wake of the edible garden phenomenon that's sweeping the globe. And it's not just ever-increasing food prices or the desire to avoid nasty chemicals that's fuelling the trend. More and more people are realising that there are many health benefits to growing their own food supply. Get the kids involved too. There's nothing quite like introducing your children to the wonderment of new life in the garden. Keen to populate your gardens with a little colour and diversity? Wander the Plantetearth nursery and spend your voucher on just about anything fit for the garden, including soil.

Edible Gardens NZ

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111 Taupaki Road

(09) 412 2689

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Valid from Sep 14, 2012
Expires Oct 18, 2012
Limit: 1 for you and 1 gift for another
Max 1 voucher per transaction. Must be used in 1 visit. No credit/change given. Not valid for sale items. No refunds, no cash back, not to be used with other offers.
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