Dental Studio 114

Up to 51% off Crowns & Check-up (value up to $7,440)

Value $1,240 Discount 50% You save $620
This deal ended 4 years ago

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  • Up to 51% off Crowns & Check-up (value up to $7,440)
  • Up to 51% off Crowns & Check-up (value up to $7,440)
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  • Don't put off getting that costly crown anymore. 
  • Grab up to 51% off crowns and a check-up at Dental Studio 114.
  • Get one crown, or up to six.
  • Combining 70 years of experience with two dentists and an oral hygienist, Dental Studio 114 are a committed team.
  • Treating patients effectively with a full diagnosis, disclosure, explanation of options and 100% support - their simple, but effective, philosophy. 

There's nothing regal about enduring tooth pain, but countless people avoid that trip to the dentist like it's the guillotine, afraid of high prices and cringe-worthy service. Don't put off getting that costly crown anymore. Today you can get up to 51% off the normal price at Dental Studio 114, with a full check-up included as well.

  • Get one crown for $620
  • Get two crowns for $1,230
  • Get three crowns for $1,820
  • Get four crowns for $2,410
  • Get five crowns for $3,000
  • Get six crowns for $3,590

Dental Studio 114 are a committed team of two dentists and an oral hygienist who have a simple treatment philosophy. They aim to be effective by diagnosing conditions, disclosing them to you, explaining all treatment options and supporting your choice 100%. If you suffer from tooth decay, tooth cracks or if your tooth has been damaged by root canal treatment, then a crown might be the best solution for you. Although crowns can be expensive, they offer an aesthetic solution to the bigger problems in your mouth. Dental Studio 114 will give you a thorough checkup, and their professional staff will ensure that your oral issues are rectified as painlessly as possible. Don't take a chance with your teeth, because you might end keeping them in a glass on your bedside table.

Dental Studio 114

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114 Lake Road
North Shore

(09) 480 6629

Business in trade

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 8.00am - 5.00pm
Friday 8.00am - 1.00pm
Please check fine print for any restrictions.


Valid from Jan 9, 2013
Expires Apr 2, 2013
Bookings ess. Subj to avail. Excl. implant crowns. Coupon valid for specified no. of crowns only. Non transferable. Treatment must be redeemed by original purchaser or gift recipient only.
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