$39 for a Car Radio Band Expander incl. Installation (value $80)

Value $80 Discount 51% You save $41
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  • $39 for a Car Radio Band Expander incl. Installation (value $80)
  • $39 for a Car Radio Band Expander incl. Installation (value $80)
  • $39 for a Car Radio Band Expander incl. Installation (value $80)
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  • Tune in. Listen. Survive. 
  • Grab a radio band expander, including installation from 0800 Best Deal for just $39.
  • Fuzzy static is not the best driving music. Get access to much more.
  • If you have a Japanese radio that only picks up a limited range of FM frequencies, this is the deal for you. 

"Krrr--Krrrrrr-- Hello? Can anyone hear me? This is Resistance Radio. Since the outbreak of the giant mutant sheep virus, many of us have gathered together to pool our resources in hopes of fending off these feral beasts. If you're out there on the motorway, alone and scared, your car slowly running low on petrol and with nowhere to go, worry no longer. We're--Krr-- located at--Krrrrrrrrrr—" 

You never know when some much-improved radio reception will come in handy. Pay just $39 for a car radio band expander, including installation, from 0800 Best Deal. 

Open your driving world up to a whole bunch of new sounds. Auckland has one of the highest number of radio stations per capita of any city, and this will allow you to get access to them - no matter what car you're driving. Most Japanese car radios only pick up a very limited range of FM frequencies between 70.0 and 90.0 FM. This band expander will pick up all other FM frequencies. Best of all, you won't even have to lift a finger to open your world up to all these new stations, because the friendly team at 0800 Best Deal will take care of the installation for you. 

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Valid from Feb 1, 2013
Expires May 2, 2013
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